The Benefits of Inpatient Drug Rehab

inpatient drug

Making the decision to seek treatment is the most important step in the recovery and rehabilitation process. Once this decision has been made the next most important step is determining how you’ll get through the treatment process and what type of treatment is the best option for you. It is widely known that success rates for rehabilitation are highest when an addict seeks care in an inpatient program. Most people find that in order to give it their all, they must be immersed in the recovery process all day every day. The physical, psychological and emotional benefits are far greater during inpatient treatment programs.


The Physical Benefits

Most people who need drug rehabilitation program have physical addictions that can have some very serious withdrawal symptoms when the addiction is not fed. Detoxifying the body is the first step to sobriety. It can often be dangerous to quite cold turkey from several types of drugs, and often time’s patients have more than one addiction. It is of the utmost importance to go through the withdrawal process under the care of a professional. Once the detoxification process occurs it is important to keep the addict away from access to drugs. When they are physically unable to leave a facility they are much less likely to access dangerous drugs that could cause an overdose, especially after their body has detoxed from the drug. Patients are also taken away from triggers in their everyday environment that make them want to use, such as stress from a job.


Psychological Benefits

Psychotherapy treatment options are essential to the rehabilitation and recovery of an addict. It is a tough a thing for not only the body but the mind as well to become comfortable when becoming abstinent of drugs. Each individual is unique which is why working with a professional will help them get the personalized care and treatment program that is tailored to the individual.


Emotional Benefits

Many times it is emotional instability that drives people further into their addiction. The stresses at home such as being financially responsible, getting into arguments with their family and the stressors of a job can cause so much mental anguish that the only way to escape is through drug use. In an inpatient facility addicts can step away from the stressors of daily life and focus on themselves and their own health for once. Emotional safety is a large component of the recovery process.


Overall Benefits of Inpatient Treatment

The higher success rates of inpatient treatment versus outpatient treatment is due to the fact that addicts need time to recover and need to be educated on the tools they can use to aid in their recovery process and maintain sobriety. It is very difficult to learn how to live a completely different life, how to control emotions and how to deal with triggers unless you are fully immersed in your own process and don’t need to worry about what the rest of the world is doing. Too many times people who try to do it on their own or seek outpatient care fail because life has so many demands such as work and parenting that they end up losing focus on themselves quickly.

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