Benefits of Inpatient Alcohol Rehab

inpatient alcohol

It has been widely researched and proven that rehabilitation rates for all addictions are much higher for addicts that attend inpatient programs versus outpatient programs. This statistic increases even more greatly when looking at the addiction of alcoholism. The reason for this is that alcohol is a legal substance in the United States and is widely available almost everywhere. Most addicts need to be taken out of the environment that enables them to keep using. Alcoholics can find alcohol in almost every environment, which is why inpatient alcohol rehabilitation efforts are more successful.


Determining the length of the program


Alcoholics must go through a detoxification of alcohol in order to start their rehabilitation program. Because of this process and the need to also attend addiction therapy and receive mental health care, the shortest alcohol rehabilitation programs are usually 30 days. Some programs find more success with their 60-day programs. In severe cases, some alcoholics need to stay up to 180 days in order to work through other addiction and mental health issues that are a cause or a result of their alcoholism.


What to Expect During Alcohol Treatment


The first step is detoxification, which sometimes includes medication in order to help with the withdrawal symptoms. Many sever alcoholics need attentive care from a professional during this process so they don’t end up getting sicker from things like dehydration. Then a comprehensive program is designed around the individual that may include group therapy, individual therapy and a plan to work through mental health issues that may be present. Then aftercare is discussed towards the end of the treatment program to help the alcoholic succeed in the outside world. Things like finding a sponsor, attending meetings and finding housing such as a sober living facility are discussed.


Determining whether to attend nearby or far away


Determining the location of a treatment center is a critical choice that must be thought out carefully. The argument for staying near home is that family can come and visit more frequently and the support can be much greater. The argument for choosing a facility far away is that many people need to be completely away from their environment in order to succeed. Many people find that attending a rehabilitation facility in a calm and relaxing place helps with their recovery. Most people in alcohol rehabilitation centers are able to check themselves out at any time. Therefore, it is often though that it’s better to have a patient far away from home so it’s not as easy for them to walk out the door and go stay with friends or other alcohol abusers.


How to Help your Loved One Stay Sober


The hardest part of alcohol addiction treatment is continuing to stay sober long after leaving a care facility. The real challenge starts when they are at home again, faced with the stresses of everyday life and able to access their drug of choice at any time. During treatment, when planning for aftercare, techniques are taught on ways to cope with the stresses of daily life, how to avoid triggers and tips on how to make healthy lifestyle choices on a regular basis. Having the support of family and friends is also important for an alcohol addict. It is highly encouraged that family members, if they are able to, attend counseling sessions both on their own and with the addict to assist in the treatment process.


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