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passages malibu

Passages Malibu, an extravagantly classy rehab in the Malibu Hills, provides you with an experience of a lifetime. It is counted amongst the highest rated rehab centers around the globe. The exclusivity of this rehab is as such that many recall it as “Heaven’s Gate of Rehabs.”

Chris Prentiss, an American tycoon, ended up with this idea of a luxurious rehab center while trying to rehabilitate his son, Pax. Pax was taken to various rehab centers to get cured of his addiction to drugs and alcohol. The ten years long addiction cycle could not be taken care by the popular 12-step based program, which treated his addiction like a disease. The poor quality of treatment at the rehabs was another factor in leading Chris Prentiss to initiate his rehab center in 2001.

Passages Malibu was then set up in the Malibu mansion with the perspective that addiction is not a disease, but a behavioral problem. Therefore, the mainstream 12-step based program is not made use of at all. The cure is found through a series of individualized therapies which treat addiction as an illness of either mind or body.

Passages Malibu offers a luxurious stay at the hill top, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The scenic beauty heals the inner soul. Then there is a state-of-the-art gym and koi pond worth mentioning. The specific needs of every client is well catered through a personal assistant. Moreover, the chef prepares meals according to the taste of each resident. Then, the social life is not disturbed as cell phones are allowed at the mansion. As you see, Passages Malibu does not get strict with its policies and the residents almost enjoy a vacation at the spot. What can be a better rehab experience?

It is just a bit too expensive that the wealthy can make use of it. Another interesting fact is that Passages Malibu is actually based on no degree in the field of addiction treatment. It works on the principle that addiction has a cure which is achieved by healing the inner problems. Many have found cure at Passages and there are some who think it was wastage of money. It is also something that brings Passages Malibu under controversy as it advertises its cure rate to be 80%. Habilitate professionals openly debate over this figure and put it up to 10% only.

The lush green Malibu mansion is a place for all those wealthy addicts who could not get sober in the routine treatment at other centers, just like Pax. It is also a place up to their standard. The freedom it offers is another edge to those who need time to build will-power to recover. A more modest rehab center is also operated by Malibu headquarters in the vicinity. But those ones who still cannot afford Passages Malibu should not lose hope. They may book their stay somewhere scenic at half price and enjoy a similar experience. All they will ever need is the Chris Prentiss’s cure book. What they are still going to miss is the nutritious food and attention of the treatment team. But still happy inexpensive healing if not Passages Malibu!

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